The Band

ROCKSTARR BENTLEY is what would happen if Alice Cooper, Alice in Chains and Alice in Wonderland met in a Bentley shaped Starr cruiser.
So, it has been said. Actually, it is a pretty accurate description, as their epic live show has the band rolling through their ferociously catchy, riff-laden tunes in a high energy style that is other worldly.
The songs themselves have a freight train kind of energetic ethos allowing the band to go from Vintage Rock to Doom or from Hip-Hop to Funk and Metal with a natural flow most groups simply do not possess. The group plays with music, specifically genres, in a way that is very unpretentious and just downright fun. A Rockstarr Bentley show will leave you feeling like YOU are the one that has come from another planet.
Rockstarr Bentley’s debut CD “Trust in Rock” was recorded over a few weeks inside their dimly lit studio, known as The Starrship. Their debut single “Bigger” made some inroads in the terrestrial radio market as well as internet radio. At last count, the stark and edgy video for the single has over twenty-five thousand hits on YouTube. Not a bad start for a group of Aliens.
Since exploding on the Florida scene via a Creative Loafing cover story profiling then unknown Rockstarr Bentley, their star continues to rise. The band soon headlined the New Year’s Eve Celebration in Downtown Sarasota before an audience of over thirty-five thousand. They have since used their talents to aid charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The group has also been fortunate enough to rock the stage with Anvil, Blackstar Whiskey, Bobaflex, members of Savatage, Thin Lizzy, Gilby Clark, Saliva and more.
Rockstarr Bentley released their long awaited full-length CD, “Trust in Rock” in 2013 to rave reviews. They are currently playing a series of live concert dates up and down Florida’s Suncoast.
Meanwhile back at The Starrship, the group is already working on a new collection of epic tunes and mind-bending videos… What will the music sound like? What will the videos look like? Sign up on our contact list to be among the first to know.

Rocky Bentley

Ask Rocky Bentley what he does, and his simple response is, “I give everything I have all the time” . He is not exaggerating at all. He has an intensity onstage and off that is easy to feel. His vocal performances are downright cathartic. His energy is contagious. But that is just the beginning of […]

AEndrew Shaw

“It’s all about passion and vibe for me. Music is feel. If you can’t relate to that, then very few people are going to relate to you or your music.”, AEndrew says as he slowly exhales a cloud of sweet smelling smoke from some kind of electronic cigarette. He lowers the complex looking vaporizer and […]

G-Roc Simonelli

G-Roc looks excited as he sits down at the recording console inside his G-Roc Media recording studio where Rockstarr Bentley is preparing a new collection of songs to unleash on the unsuspecting public. He begins to flip switches like an airplane pilot readying for takeoff. “I am really happy with the way the new recordings […]